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 6 Factors That Contribute to Your Wayne County DWI

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With a seasoned attorney, however, you could have your charges reduced or even dismissed!

Sitting on the south shore of Lake Ontario lays the rich cultural and economic area of Wayne County.  This is a fairly laid back community but if you do not obey their strict New York DWI laws, you will pay the price.  If you have been arrested for a Wayne County DWI, you are likely very well aware of this fact.   

Many aspxects exist to a solid DWI defense which is why it is necessary for you to find an experienced Wayne County drunk driving defense attorney to represent you.  A DWI lawyer who specializes in New York DWI laws will know how to properly research your case and will know what evidence to look for in order to help you.  On the contrary, if you are convicted of a Wayne County DWI, there are a number of factors that will be used to determine your punishments. 

Some of these factors that can contribute to the punishments for your DWI in Wayne County include:

  1. Were you found to be recklessly driving at the time you were pulled over?

  2. What was your blood alcohol content when you were arrested for your Wayne County DWI?

  3. Did anyone get hurt or was anyone injured because of your driving?

  4. Were you in an accident and, if you were, was the accident your fault?

  5. Are you accountable for the fact that you have a problem with alcohol and how can you show that you have taken responsibility for your actions?

  6. Do you regret that you were driving while you were intoxicated?

You can anticipate the punishments for your Wayne County DWI to increase a great deal if you:  caused an accident or caused bodily harm to someone, if your blood alcohol content was high or if you do not take your DWI seriously.  Remember, a DWI in Wayne County can include alcohol treatment programs, expensive fees and fines, having your license suspended, community service, jail time and more.  Do not let this happen to you!

Contact an accomplished Wayne County drunk driving defense attorney to assist you with your case.  Call now and be put in touch with up to three, talented and local DWI lawyers at who are ready to fight for your rights! 

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