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Top Secret Ways to Avoid A Yonkers DUI

  1. Don’t say anything. When you are pulled over, the police officer will engage you in conversation. The point of this is to determine if you are intoxicated. If you answer the police officer with nods and gestures instead of talking and/or yelling, you are in a better situation. That’s because when you talk/yell, you will be giving the police officer ammunition to describe your physical and mental state, especially if you are belligerent.

  2. Don’t take a field sobriety test. When the cop asks you to step out of your car, say no. Don’t take a field sobriety test. They are not required. If you do take one, the police will have a whole load of details about your physical condition. This can only harm your case.

  3. Don’t give it all up. Remember, the more you say at the scene, the worse it will be for you. If the cop asks you what you were doing before you got in your car, don’t give him a detailed play-by-play of your evening. Of course, you shouldn’t say anything about drinking, even if he asks you. Politely plead the 5th.

  4. Get your license back. Unless you are under arrest, politely ask the police officer for your license and if you can leave.

  5. If you are under arrest, ask for a lawyer. Your first call from the police station should be to your lawyer. But not just ANY lawyer. Only experienced NY DUI lawyers can help you in this situation. A general practice lawyer will not know proper procedure and may make suggestions like pleading guilty. This is NOT what you should do at this point. What you should do is keep your mouth shut and call an experienced Yonkers DUI attorney. ***REMEMBER: According to New York DWI laws, you CAN speak with a skilled Yonkers DWI lawyer BEFORE you take a blood or breath test***

  6. Ask for your own blood test. If the police are going to do a blood test to determine your blood alcohol content, you should request your own test. The police officer’s equipment could be faulty. Your results could be much better.

  7. Do what is necessary to save your license. Don’t forget that you only have a short amount of time after your arrest to save your driver’s license. If you don’t request a hearing right away, your license will be suspended. A good Yonkers DUI attorney can help with this as well.

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