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Three Reasons Why You Should Fight a Henry County OVI Arrest

After an OH OVI arrest, you will likely lose your driver’s license. If you don’t schedule a hearing with the Ohio Bureau of Motor vehicles, you will lose your license regardless of the outcome of your court hearing. Think about how difficult your life will be without your driver’s license! A skilled OH DUI attorney can help prevent this from happening.

Your penalties could be doubled depending on how much you drank. Depending on your BAC level, your sentence could be a lot harsher than you expect. If you don’t hire a skilled OVI Attorney to fight your case, you will spend double the money in fines, more time in jail, and you will be without a license for even longer!

You might even lose your car! That’s right! If you plead guilty to an OH OVI, you run the risk of getting your car seized by the government. This is a very severe punishment that only a skilled OH DUI lawyer can fight.

Above all, your life will be an even worse mess if you don’t contact an OH DUI lawyer to fight your case. You have too much at stake to not fight your OH OVI arrest. Contact a DUI attorney today for a free consultation and begin building your defense.

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