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You may be thinking, “I’m in trouble, I’m going to lose my license, and I may even end up in jail after my OH DUI arrest in Morrow County.” The truth is if you are convicted of DUI in Ohio, there are serious consequences according to Ohio drunk driving laws. But what you may not realize is that there are defenses in a DUI case. A good DUI lawyer can save you from harsh consequences. Remember, this isn’t an open and shut case. There are ways to defend a DUI. That’s why right now is the best time to contact an experienced DUI attorney.

With the threat of losing your license and your insurance, and the possibility of heading to jail if convicted, you need an Ohio drunk driving attorney on your side right away. This is of utmost importance. Remember, the prosecution has the burden of proof, not the defense. An OH DUI attorney will attack the state’s case, your field sobriety test, your BAC results, and even the police officer’s training.

It makes sense to be scared right now. Penalties for an OH DUI are extremely severe. A conviction for a Morrow County DUI can leave you with serious fines, mandatory DUI alcohol education courses, the loss of your license, and even jail time. But that’s not all -- you could end up in jail, even if this is your first offense -- all because of your DUI arrest. If convicted, you stand to lose so much – your job, your family relationships and your freedom. This is why you should do the right thing and contact an experienced DUI lawyer now.

Although the penalties can be severe, there is hope. Remember, just because you’ve been arrested for a DUI, it doesn’t have to mean that you will be convicted. You have every right to fight the OH DUI charges against you. Don’t make the mistake of pleading guilty. That will guarantee that you will face consequences for your DUI. Instead, take the time to contact an Ohio DUI attorney today for a free consultation. You may be surprised to learn that you have a very valid defense!

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