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Professional highlights:

  • 15+ years DUI experience
  • Successfully defended hundreds of DUI clients
  • Former State Prosecutor
  • Former Special Assistant United States Attorney
  • Member of the National College for DUI Defense
  • Lectures on DUI defense

There is nothing more scary than facing possible jail time for a South Carolina DUI. You probably aren’t a hardened criminal. In fact, you may have no experience with the legal system at all. But regardless of your past criminal history, you will be prosecuted for your Aiken DUI. Don’t end up with a conviction on your record. Instead, reach out to SC DUI lawyer Randy Hough right away.

Top Six Reasons You Need to Hire a SC DUI Lawyer Today:

  1. You could end up in jail. If you plead guilty or hire an inexperienced DUI lawyer, you will be punished for your Aiken DUI. One possible punishment is jail time, even for a first time offender. Repeat offenders are looking at as much as 5 years behind bars.
  2. Fines are steep in South Carolina. A repeat offender could be forced to fork over more than $6,000 in fines.
  3. Your license is at risk right away. According to Aiken DUI laws, you can lose your license before your trial for as long as 60 days if your BAC was .08 or higher. A skilled SC DUI lawyer can help you get your license back if you lost it already. Plus, he will protect your license during your criminal trial.
  4. There may be videotaped evidence against you. In South Carolina, police officers are required to videotape your DUI arrest. However, there are procedures police must follow. If they do not record the arrest properly, the videotaped evidence can be thrown out. 
  5. You could end up with a permanent criminal record. Maybe this is your first brush with the law, but that doesn’t mean the state is going to be lenient. If you are convicted of an Aiken DUI, you will have a criminal record. Future employers are likely to see your criminal record. It will follow you wherever you go.
  6. There is shame in a DUI conviction. If you are convicted of a DUI, it will be hard to keep it a secret. Your family, your colleagues, and your friends will know about it. But if you are cleared of a DUI, you won’t have to worry about all this embarrassment. Get help from a SC DUI lawyer today to avoid this shame.

There are so many reasons that it makes sense to get help with your South Carolina DUI charges. Remember, there are serious consequences if you are convicted – consequences that include years in jail for repeat offenders, and thousands of dollars in fines. Plus, your license could be taken away immediately! Don’t let this happen to you. Get help from SC DUI lawyer Randy Hough right away.

Randy Hough has helped hundreds of clients reduce or even dismiss the Aiken DUI charges against them. For more than 15 years, he has served folks just like you who are in trouble and need help fast. You can trust that he will fight for you. Even prosecutors that have argued against Randy Hough have immense respect for his courtroom abilities.

In South Carolina, you can end up without a license even before your trial begins. Randy Hough will fight to save your license both before and after your criminal case. You do not want to be without a license. Let Randy Hough help you keep driving and stay out of jail!

The police officer at the scene of your Aiken DUI arrest may not have followed proper procedure. Randy Hough will expertly examine the evidence against you and build a superior defense. Don’t end up with a mark on your record. You need help from a veteran SC DUI lawyer right away. Contact Randy Hough immediately if you want help fighting the South Carolina DUI charges against you.

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