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FAQ’s About Berkeley County DUI Defense

Can I get out of a SC drunk driving charge in Berkeley County?

Yes. Berkeley County SC DUI laws are strict, but there is some hope. Remember, it’s up to the prosecution to prove that you are guilty – that is called the burden of proof. A skilled South Carolina DUI attorney can fight all the evidence against you, and could even keep you out of jail.

But my BAC was above the legal limit! What kind of defense can I have to fight my DUI in Berkeley County?

Well you may not realize this, but it’s those exact pieces of evidence that can actually help your defense! That’s right. A South Carolina DUI attorney will be able to use that evidence in your favor. An experienced Hanahan SC DUI attorney will take apart the prosecutor’s case and create reasonable doubt.

But how can a DUI defense attorney counter the evidence of my chemical testing or a field sobriety test?

You may be surprised to find out that there are many ways a Berkeley County SC DUI attorney can attack this kind of evidence. First off, field sobriety tests are often performed improperly by a police officer that has not been re-certified. Plus, there are other reasons you may have failed the test – reasons that have nothing to do with alcohol or being intoxicated.

Without these key pieces of evidence, the state will have trouble convicting you. That’s why it is so important to find a SC drunk driving lawyer who knows how to attack all this evidence. Contact an experienced Hanahan DUI attorney now for a free consultation.  It may surprise you to learn that you have a valid defense.

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