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Getting Arrested for a DUI: Why Me?

It was a humiliating evening that is now turning into a constant state of worry. You’ve been arrested for a DUI in Calhoun County and you’re worried you might have to go to jail or lose your license.

You’re probably also wondering why this happened to you. You thought you were being safe and then suddenly things got way out of hand. Here are some reasons why you were the one with the handcuffs that night and not another driver who may have been drinking.

You made a traffic mistake. An officer cannot pull you over based on a gut feeling that you’ve been drinking. They probably pulled you over because you made some traffic mistake such as not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign or forgetting to use your blinker. It is at this point where an officer can detect whether or not you’ve been drinking.

Your car isn’t properly maintained. Same as making a traffic mistake, an officer can pull you over for an entirely different reason, such as a broken tail light, and then suspect that you’ve been drinking in addition to the initial infraction.

You got stopped at a checkpoint. It seems like DUI checkpoints pop out of nowhere. The Calhoun County Police can be very discreet when announcing DUI checkpoints.

It’s a holiday. There are way more DUI patrols during a holiday than any other time. After all, it’s a time where more people celebrate and drink.

You were in a place known for many DUI arrests. There are common places people tend to drink and drive, and South Carolina police tend to keep an eye out at those places. They include bars and popular nightspots, one-way streets, and even the drive-through at fast food places.

Above all, this terrible incident happened to you and now you have to get your life back together. You can wonder and relive the moments again and again, but it will only keep you from moving forward. Now, it is time to take responsibility. Talk to an experienced Calhoun County DUI attorney and fight your charges.

There is a skilled South Carolina who has helped people in situations very similar to yours. Don’t wait. Talk to an attorney today.


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