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6 Important Things You May Not Have Known About Your Charleston SC DUI

  1. The police officer who arrested you does not even need to have your BAC! That’s right. You can be arrested for a Charleston SC DUI even if you just appear intoxicated!

  2. The consequences for a Charleston SC DUI are extremely severe. You can lose your license, go to jail, or pay heavy fines. The only way to avoid these terrible penalties is to fight your charges.

  3. South Carolina is the only state in the entire country that requires your Charleston SC DUI arrest to be videotaped. If the officer does not record your arrest from the moment the siren goes on until you are officially arrested, the arrest video could be thrown out as evidence. That greatly improves your chances to get your Charleston SC DUI charges dismissed!

  4. A Charleston SC DUI arrest does not equal a DUI conviction. However, to avoid a DUI conviction, you need an attorney who understands how to attack the state’s evidence and how to counter any test results or videotaped evidence. Reach out to an experienced Charleston DUI attorney today.

  5. It is very easy to lose your driver’s license after a DUI in Charleston. If you refuse a chemical test, your license will be suspended for one year per conviction. If you want to know more, you need to get the help of a skilled Charleston SC DUI lawyer.

  6. DUI cases can be won! A skilled South Carolina DUI attorney can challenge the prosecution’s evidence to create reasonable doubt and eventually get your Charleston SC DUI charges reduced or even dropped.
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