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  • Lectures on DUI defense

You will probably never forget the moment that you came upon that DUI checkpoint. Your palms started to sweat and your fears got the best of you. It’s frightening because the last thing you want is to be arrested for a Cherokee County DUI. So how do you avoid getting caught by police? Here are some ideas about what to say, and what not to say at a DUI checkpoint.

How to Talk to Police at a DUI Checkpoint

  1. Don’t discuss your evening. Meaning – don’t offer any information about where you were, who you were with, and most importantly, what you had to drink. If the officer asks you “have you had anything to drink?” your answer should be, “my attorney advises me not to answer any questions right now.” Never say, “I had a few beers.”
  2. Don’t crack jokes. This is not the time or place for your best cop joke – or any joke for that matter. The officer is watching you, and taking note of your behavior. He’s not going to be in the mood for fun and games in the middle of a DUI checkpoint.
  3. Be polite and respectful. Police officers command respect. Whether you feel like respecting his authority or not doesn’t matter. Just do it. Be polite and you may find yourself driving away from the checkpoint instead of being dragged down to the station.
  4. Stay calm. Don’t overreact. Don’t get angry or belligerent. That is the worst thing you can do. You will only anger the cop and probably get arrested in the process.
  5. Refuse to take a field sobriety test. You do not have to take these tests. They are completely optional. The police officer who pulls you over will never tell you this information.
  6. Insist on calling a Gaffney DUI attorney. Remind police that you would like to call your attorney as soon as possible. Once you are given the opportunity to do so, reach out to a skilled Gaffney DUI attorney right away to get help and advice on what to do, and what not to do after your arrest.

Being arrested for a SC DUI is a scary experience. But what is even more frightening is what can happen if you are convicted of a Cherokee County DUI. Punishments are severe in South Carolina. You could end up without a license, or worse, you could go to jail. But you don’t have to risk this happening to you. Fight for your rights with experienced Gaffney DUI attorney Randy Hough. He can help you build a winning defense.

Randy Hough has helped so many folks just like you who are worried about a SC DUI ruining their lives. As a former prosecutor, Randy Hough knows how to fight and win these cases. Even the attorneys he faces now in court have respect for him as a skilled Gaffney DUI attorney who more times than not, gets his clients reduced or even dismissed charges. This is the kind of lawyer you need on your side when fighting a SC DUI case.

You can lose your license even before your case begins according to Cherokee County DUI laws. There will be a separate fight for your driver’s license. This is something Randy Hough can help you with. He will work to save your driver’s license, so you can keep driving until your trial.

There are so many reasons you need to hire a skilled Gaffney DUI attorney today. Getting help from a DUI lawyer will make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. Randy Hough has the knowledge and experience that you need in a DUI lawyer. This is your life on the line. Get the best in the business on your side. Call Randy Hough today.  

For more information on South Carolina DUI Laws and to find out how Randy Hough can work for you, please contact him today at 1.800.DUI.LAWS (1.800.384.5297) or submit the case evaluation form for a free consultation.

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