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Important Things You Need to Know About Your Colleton County DUI

It is possible to win a Colleton County DUI case. After a Walterboro DUI arrest, many people lose hope and automatically assume their lives are over. However, this is not the case if you find an experienced South Carolina DUI attorney. With the help of an attorney, you will see that Colleton County DUI laws are more complex than you think. There are many different ways for an attorney to go after the prosecution to create reasonable doubt. You can get your Colleton County charges reduced. There is hope.

Colleton County has an Implied Consent law.  Implied Consent means that if you have a South Carolina driver’s license, you have automatically agreed to a breath test if you are pulled over under the suspicion of a DUI in Colleton County. Unfortunately, this means if you refuse a breath test, you can find yourself in a lot of trouble. In order to avoid these devastating consequences, you need an experienced Colleton County DUI attorney to assist you in saving your driver’s license.

There is help if you are suffering from substance abuse. Did you know that Colleton County has a component within the government to help people with substance abuse issues? The Colleton Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse has been in operation since 1974 and helps residents with substance abuse issues with a wide variety of outpatient programs. If you are required to seek treatment after a Walterboro DUI arrest, remember there is help. Speak with a DUI attorney to see which options are right for you.

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