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How a Florence County DUI Attorney Can Help You

You can get your charges reduced or dropped. Being convicted for a DUI in SC can be devastating. It can negatively affect your career and personal life. However, with the help of an experienced Florence SC DUI attorney, you can avoid getting a DUI conviction. An attorney will pick apart the prosecution’s evidence against you and create reasonable doubt. With that, you can see your Florence SC DUI charges reduced to reckless driving or even dropped!

You can save your license. It is all too easy to lose your license after a DUI arrest in South Carolina. However, a DUI attorney in Florence will be by your side every step of the way, including during the process of scheduling your DMV hearing. At that step, an experienced South Carolina DUI attorney will do everything in their power to keep your license from being suspended.

You can avoid jail. Unfortunately, it is possible to face jail time after a DUI in SC. If you plead guilty and choose not to fight your Florence SC DUI charges, jail time could be a harsh reality. However, if you fight your charges with the help of a DUI attorney in Florence, you can avoid the devastating experience of spending time in jail.

You will save money. It is a common misconception that DUI attorneys will bankrupt you. It is a Florence SC DUI conviction that will bankrupt you. With the heavy fines, plus additional fees that come with a DUI in SC, you will spend way more money with a conviction than you would if you had hired a skilled DUI attorney. Make the smart investment. Contact an experienced DUI attorney in Florence County today!




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