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You have been arrested and charged with a Rock Hill DUI. You are frightened and worried about your future. You probably are thinking, “I just want these charges to go away and fast, before anyone finds out about this!” Maybe you think the best way to make this happen is to plead guilty. This is a huge mistake. Here’s why: 

The Difference Between Pleading Guilty & Hiring a DUI Attorney

  1. You will have a record. If you plead guilty to a South Carolina DUI, you will end up convicted. That means you will have a criminal record. Hiring a skilled DUI lawyer means you will have a chance at walking away with a clean record!
  2. You will be punished. Once you agree to pleading guilty to DUI, you will have to be punished. Even if you are able to avoid jail time with your guilty plea, you will still have to pay the price. That can mean a variety of penalties including fines, DUI classes, house arrest, an ignition interlock system in your car, just to name a few.
  3. Costs of pleading guilty are far higher than hiring a DUI attorney. The costs of a guilty DUI plea can be as high as $15,000! There are a large number of costs like DUI courses, fines from the court, installing an ignition interlock system, higher insurance premiums, and more.
  4. You will likely lose your license. As part of a guilty plea, it is highly probable that you will lose your driver’s license as part of your punishment. Even if you are allowed to keep your license, you may have to have an ignition interlock system in your vehicle. That means you have to blow into a device each and every time you want to start your car. How will that look when you are driving the neighbor’s kids to school or church!?
  5. You are admitting to DUI. Remember, if you plead guilty, you are admitting that you drank too much and got behind the wheel.
  6. You will have trouble getting a job. With a criminal record, you will have a very hard time getting a job. Most companies ask if you have a criminal record. And forget getting a job that requires driving. No company will hire something with a DUI for that type of work.

There are so many repercussions for a guilty plea -- repercussions that will affect you, your job and your family. Instead of giving up right away and pleading guilty, consider hiring a skilled York County DUI attorney. This means you have a chance at clearing your name and walking away from these charges! Isn’t that better than admitting to DUI and paying the price with a whole array of possible punishments?

DUI attorney Randy Hough knows what you are going through right now. He has spent almost two decades fighting for the rights of folks just like you who are struggling with South Carolina DUI charges. He has helped hundreds of clients get successful outcomes in their Rock Hill DUI cases. Reach out to him today if you want to find out how he can help you fight your charges.

Fighting a Rock Hill DUI is not impossible. In fact, Randy Hough has an extremely high success rate with drunk driving cases. He has the knowledge and experience that you need on your side if you want a chance at escaping serious punishments. South Carolina DUI laws are strict. You need to get help right away if you want to get the best possible outcome in your particular case. Talk to Randy Hough today. He can set your mind at ease and discuss your defense with you.  

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