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Don’t lose your Driver’s License in Ector!
Schedule your administrative hearing right away. According to Texas DWI laws, you MUST request an Administrative License Hearing in writing within 15 days of your DWI arrest. If you fail to make this request on time, you will lose your license, without question! This is a simple step to make sure you have your license until your criminal trial begins. A skilled DWI lawyer can help you make this request properly.

Take a BAC test. If you don’t take a breath or blood test after your Ector DWI, you will lose your license. It is important to note that you will NOT lose it immediately according to Texas DWI laws. In fact, the police officer who arrests will take your license issued by the state and will give you a temporary driving permit for 41 days. But if you don’t take a chemical test, you will eventually lose your license.

Hire an experienced Ector DWI attorney as soon as you can. Without the help of a lawyer who knows DWI defense, you are likely to lose your license. Remember, there are two separate cases when it comes to an Ector DWI – your criminal case and the fight for your driver’s license. If you want to have a chance at driving again after a DWI arrest, you need to get assistance from a lawyer who has experience with DWI defense.

Go to DUI school. Oftentimes, you can get your license reinstated, but you will be required to attend alcohol education classes. Your Ector DWI attorney can tell you more.
Stay Informed. 

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