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Professional highlights:

  • President and co-founder of the WV DUI Defense Lawyers Association, Inc.
  • 12+ years DUI defense experience
  • Quoted in the Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram and the Elkins Inter-Mountain regarding DUI cases
  • Trained in field sobriety testing
  • Monthly radio show on WAJR 103.3 on DUI issues


I first spoke to Todd years ago while researching Virginia's previous evidentiary breath test device; a machine that WV has also used. I instantly realized that Todd was far ahead of most DUI/ DWI defense lawyers in his knowledge of the science behind breath testing. In order to properly defend DUI/ DWI clients, the lawyer has to know the law and the science. Todd knows both. In addition to that knowledge, Todd cares deeply about his clients. I give Todd my strongest endorsement.
-Robert Keefer, Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Harrisonburg, VA

Todd La Neve is known as one of the best lawyers in America. I have known him for ten years as a participant in national DUI defense education. He is one of those rare lawyers who has been asked to teach other lawyers at the national level. He is nationally known and respected as an expert on DUI law and aviation. A tireless and zealous fighter for his clients; I would not hesitate to refer a close friend to him
-Andrew Mishlove, DUI / DWI Attorney in Glendale, WI

If you have been arrested for a Clarksburg DUI, your life has taken a serious turn for the worse. You may have lost your license already and you are facing jail time and serious fines. There are no easy ways to escape these charges, but you can fight them with the right lawyer by your side. You need an attorney who has extensive West Virginia DUI defense experience. A skilled DUI lawyer will be able to challenge the evidence collected by police at the scene of your arrest, including the results of your breathalyzer test. Here’s more about these tests:

What You Need To Know About Breathalyzer Tests

  1. Should I take one? If you don’t take a breath test, your license suspension will be longer. However, you must decide if that is important to you. Some people decide that a license suspension is better than a DUI on their record. If you refuse the test, the state will be missing a major part of the case against you. Without your blood alcohol content, it will be hard to convict.
  2. I am taking the test. Which one should I choose? So you’ve decided to take a chemical test. Which one should you choose if you are given the option? There are three possible choices – blood, breath or urine. Scientifically speaking, urine is the least reliable, then comes breath and then blood. Clearly, you should choose a urine test. If that is not an option, choose breath. Remember, blood is the most reliable test of all.
  3. The test says I’m drunk. Now what? There are defenses if your blood alcohol content is over .08%, which is the legal limit in West Virginia. A Clarksburg DUI lawyer with experience can fight these results. How? Well turns out there are a lot of problems when it comes to breath and blood testing. The police officer must perform the testing at the proper time. If the test is done too late, the results are totally off. That’s because the alcohol in your body takes time to be absorbed. That means that you may not have been drunk at the time you were driving. By the time you got to the police station, the alcohol has had time to be absorbed.
  4. What about the equipment used to test BAC? Is it always accurate? No. Oftentimes the equipment police officers use is faulty. Not to mention many officers are not properly trained in chemical testing. These are the points a skilled Harrison County DUI attorney will attack in court if your BAC was above the legal limit.

Whether you take a breathalyzer test or not, the most important thing you can do for yourself if you have been arrested for a Clarksburg DUI is to get representation. You need a lawyer who has extensive DUI defense experience if you want to have a chance of getting your charges reduced or even dismissed. It is possible to walk away from these charges completely, but only if you seek out help from a skilled WV DUI attorney right away.

If you are looking for a lawyer who has the best reputation for DUI defense in West Virginia, you have come to the right place. Todd La Neve is known all over the country as one of the top DUI defense attorneys. That’s because he has spent time perfecting his DUI defense skills at Harvard Law School’s College for DUI Defense. More than 1200 folks just like you have been helped by Todd La Neve’s knowledge and experience.

With more than 12 years of time fighting DUI cases in West Virginia, Todd La Neve knows what he is doing. He can help you get the best possible outcome in your case. You can put your mind at ease after speaking with Todd La Neve because you will know that you have the best Clarksburg DUI defense attorney in your corner. Contact Todd La Neve today if you want to find out how he can help you with your DUI charges.

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